Become a fat burning beast!

fat burning beastDo you want to lose fat easier?

Seriously, this is a crazy concept.

If you want to lose weight, you’re going to want to learn about something called “metabolic flexibility“. It’s also known as “fat adaption“.

So what is metabolic flexability?

Metabolic flexibility or fat adaption refers to the efficiency in which your body SWITCHES from running on sugar for fuel to running on fatty acids for fuel.

If you’re bad at this, you’re never going to lose your body fat, no matter how hard you work.

You know those people you see on the treadmill running everyday with little to no change in their appearance? That’s right, they have poor metabolic flexibility. Their bodies only run on sugar.

So what happens after they spend an hour running on the treadmill? Well, they certainly don’t use any body fat during the fuelling of that run. Instead, they just completely deplete their blood and liver sugar levels, which leads to ravenous cravings for sugar by the time they get home.

After they’ve finished rampaging through the fridge and the pantry, they’ve eaten more sugar than they burned slaving away on the treadmill.

Wait a minute, so all these people are wasting their time?

Yes, that exactly what they are doing.

Because they are metabolically inflexible, running becomes very negative on appetite. Any gains in burning sugar are counter-acted by new cravings to replenish the sugar. You can see how this leads to completely ineffective workouts.

One of the things we specialize in providing our clients is enhanced metabolic flexibility — in essence, we teach you to be a fat burning beast.

Once you’re a fat burning beast, this fitness thing is really simple.

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