Let me tell you a big secret…

Insulin Management

To lose fat and lean up, all you have to do is get your body using body fat for energy instead of food.

Sounds pretty simple, right?

Well it ain’t, because a lot of diet theory over the last 20 years makes it very difficult for your body to tap into body fat for energy.

What’s the biggest mistake they tell people to do?

5-6 small meals per day.

That’s right, all that slaving over filling your Tupperware with chicken, tilapia, rice and asparagus so you can eat every couple hours, no matter how inconvenient, is actually working against you.

Sure, if you’re a high performance athlete, you might have to do this sort of daily exercise in order to ensure you’re fuelling your intense activity correctly.

But the average person who sits for most of the day and is largely low-activity?

Eating this way is a recipe for disaster.

You see, the only way to get your body to release body fat for energy is when a hormone called “glucagon” is present.

And when does this happen? Only after your blood sugar (glucose) levels return to baseline — or in other words, when the glucose is GONE!

Whenever you eat food, your blood sugar levels tend to spike, and insulin is released to shuttle sugar (glucose) into cells and out of blood. Only AFTER insulin is reduced back to normal will glucagon be released and fat used for fuel.

This typically starts 3-4 hours after a meal. If you’re eating every 3 hours, you’re eating right at the point your body is about to switch over from using sugar to using body fat for energy.

If you don’t experience the glucagon hormonal state for lengthy periods throughout any given day, you will likely have trouble losing weight.

If you want to lose weight, you’ve gotta wait until glucose is GONE!

What’s an easy way to get into the glucagon state?

Wait 5 hours or more between meals – and yes, that includes snacks and drinks!

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– Travis