How technology made us fat

Why did our ancestors never need to workout and go on diets?

I believe this is because computerization technology has come with a BIG consequence.

It’s like how a calculator makes it easy to forget how math works, computerization has made it easy to stop moving.

Work, entertainment, play, and communication have all permanently been modified by computerization. You don’t need to move to work anymore (desk job), you don’t need to move to entertain yourself (4 hours sitting watching Zack Snyder’s Justice League on HBOMax), you don’t need to move to play anymore (video games), and you don’t need to move anymore to communicate (FaceTime, messenger).

This has all warped our natural environment to where we simply end up moving 30-50% less.

This has MASSIVE consequences on our daily battle against weight gain, as our “calories out” are now weak everyday as a baseline.

I see my battle for health as the daily onslaught against the unforeseen consequences of technology.

A never ending tsunami of ease of use and moving less.

(Don’t let me get started on how technology has wrecked food too!)

When technology removes natural incentives to move, you have to recreate it.

This is like astronauts bringing treadmills to the space station because floating all the time makes your body deteriorate.

And when they land they still can barely walk from all the deterioration.

This is why we recreate movement at SmartFit: we’re trying to reverse the consequences of technology (not treadmills tho, ew).

We train to reverse the constant deterioration.

If we don’t, it’s ALWAYS there, like a no gravity environment making us jello.

All this technology is sold as a way to make our lives easier.

Turns out it just makes us weak.

Training at SmartFit is how you actually make your life easier.

Technology is a bit of a false god. It doesn’t really deliver what it claims. It actually makes life harder.

Being strong, faster, leaner, lighter? That definitely delivers way more than technology ever can.

At SmartFit we train to make life easier.

If you’re done getting mushed by the gravity of technology, book a consultation and we can chat about how to make your life easier.