How to lose weight

Think about the simple title of this article: “How to lose weight.”

What comes to mind for you? I bet I have an idea:

– Stop eating junk food

– Go for a run

– Go to the gym

– Eat more vegetables

– Eat more salad

– Stop eating red meat

So basically: eat better, eat less, move more. Sound about right?

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but this is NOT how you lose weight. All of those strategies take willpower, and since you currently have no willpower (otherwise you’d be lean!), this strategy won’t work.

The reality is, losing weight is an extremely complex process that is almost entirely hormonal in nature (over the medium to long-term). That’s right, your body sets your level of body fat depending on the hormonal triggers you give it. It’s really that simple. For most people, their hormones are out of whack in a bunch of different areas, and they can’t lose weight. Even if they do through sheer force of will, it’ll come back pretty quick if the hormonal triggers are still the same.

Here are some different hormonal triggers and how they can affect your body fat level:

Are you stressed? Then you’ll release the hormone cortisol, your blood sugar will be excessively elevated, insulin will be elevated for long periods of time, and your cells will go insulin resistant and excess sugar in your blood stream will be converted into body fat. (Yikes!)

Do you sleep much? If not, you’ll have a hard time managing cortisol and metabolism.

Do you eat too many carbohydrates? If so, you’ll have an elevated insulin response on average and you’ll on average be getting a little bit more hungrier and hungrier as the days go on. But it’s not just carbs, almost all foods elevate insulin to some degree.

Do you have a supportive person to help motivate and guide you? If not, you won’t have enough serotonin surging through you, and therefore you won’t have much pride in what you’re doing.

Do you sit too much?

Do you drink too much alcohol?

And on and on it goes.

So let me tell you how to lose weight:

– Improve Sleep

– Reduce stress

– Reduce overall insulin response

– Build a supportive community (start with 1 person)

– Get more sun

– Move more

– Someone who can design a plan and hold you accountable

I bet reading this list you’re wondering things like “how do I optimize sleep?” or “how do I build a supportive community?” or “how do I reduce my overall insulin response?” the truth is, unless you decide to go embark on a huge journey of reading and researching, you’re probably going to need someone to show you. I’ve come to learn over the years that the most important aspect of weight-loss is the final point: someone who can design a plan and hold you accountable. Even a bad plan will work with someone holding you accountable.

When you properly address how to lose weight from this 7 point system, the outcome is easy and long-lasting. Every other approach requires willpower, which is in short supply if you have a complex life.

Would you like us to design you a plan and keep your accountable? Book a free consultation today.

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