Ditch the pandemic and get back in shape for 2021

It’s been a tough 10 months, and getting back to health is more important than ever

I want to give you 5 rapidly working secrets that can get you back on track quickly so you can put the pandemic behind you and move on with your life

Here’s the first two secrets:

  1. Walk a lot 
  2. Get rid of boxed and bagged food in the fridge and cupboards 

First, get walking. Why? Walking is the BEST way to lose any excess weight. People don’t realize you burn as much walking as you do running.

You don’t need to huff and puff to burn calories, you simply need to walk a certain distance. Walking 1km or running 1km is the same calories burned. 

If you have a step counter, try for 8000 steps per day. 

Most people are quasi sedentary in their careers, which dramatically lowers calorie output. By simply adding a consistent walking regiment you’ll greatly enhance your daily calorie burn.

As someone who has been doing this for nearly a decade now, I can honestly say with very well tested authority walking is #1 for weight-loss. Then food. Then working out.

I’ve had so many clients try to eat perfect while having few steps in a day — they lose very little

Then I’ve had clients that eat so-so but walk like banshees and absolutely MELT it off

Next, you need toss the food in boxes. It’s always cheap and crunchy and messes with your natural systems of wanting to BITE into food. It’s hard to create a “bite” feeling with cooked food. Takes a bit of work! But with boxed and bagged food everything is engineered to have a

CRUNCH: chips, crackers, cereal, etc

Seriously, we have sensors in our jaws that detect biting and we get SATISFIED when we do.

You’ve got to toss the crunchy boxed food like chips and crackers. To really flourish, you need to add the bite back in with fresh foods (fruit is a BIG one).

Second, these foods are usually “hyperpalatable”. This means they are designed to give you unnatural enjoyment from flavours/taste. Sugar, fat, and salt mixed in perfect ratios to mess with your satiety sensors and keep you overeating.

Home cooked meals can’t compete with this stuff when it’s lying around, you’ll ALWAYS overeat it.

You MUST get back to fresh cooked meals. Otherwise it’s likely CRUNCHY and HYPERPALATABLE which means you’ll always overeat it.

So can you do these 2 things? Get 8000 steps per day and toss the boxed and bagged food?

Do it, start now! Go walk outside in a direction for 10 minutes, walk back. 20 min walk. Do this once a day for a week, your hips will feel better and your energy will pick up. Then start doing 2-3 20 min walks per day. That should put you around 8000 per day. Don’t have a step counter? They are a great investment and cheap on Amazon.

Don’t want to waste food? If you don’t waste the money throwing it away, you’ll have to waste money on a trainer like me to work the calories off you. It sucks but it’s true!

If you need more help, we’re always here to make this process easy. Book a No Sweat Intro if you need more help. 

Creating a low friction lifestyle you enjoy that gets awesome results is our specialty.


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