Next health secret to get you immediately back on track (seriously)

We covered the power of walking and how “crunchy” processed food are excessively pleasurable in my last email on getting you back on track after the pandemic.

Hopefully you immediately implemented some changes!

Here’s the next one:

Get a haircut and buy new clothes!

Haha I bet you’re thinking “what?”

Yes. We are harsh judges. Our minds are always assessing, judging, go go go.

A lot of the focus of our judgements ends up being ourselves

Once humans invented mirrors this judging system in our heads started to go haywire

We could now look at ourselves constantly and find issues. With social media it’s 10x the problem.

Once we’re in rut (like the pandemic) this system will assess us and say “you aren’t doing well, here’s less hormones that make you feel good”

It’s a total jerk, seriously! It totally kicks you when you’re down!

The answer is to put up some wins right away: get a haircut and buy some new clothes.

You’ll look in the mirror and your brain will go “I now judge this a little better, here’s some happy hormones”

This little kickstart can get you started on a health journey again.

What sucks is the clothes probably won’t fit in a few months and be hanging off you, but it’s an Investment today that really helps to get out there again and feel a bit better about getting back on track.

Once you’ve got a bit of a spring in your step, want to make it a lifestyle and not look back?

Book a No Sweat Intro with us at our studio.

The next secret to come soon!

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