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SmartFit Personal Training Surrey, BC

At SmartFit, we focus on weight lifting, high intensity interval training (HIIT), proper nutrition, and real health education, so our clients experience the type of change they’ve always been hoping for. We greatly value our clients satisfaction, and won’t be satisfied ourselves unless our clients achieve the physical health they want and deserve.

It only takes a few months to a new you


Most of our clients are only with us for 2-3 months. We’re different than most personal trainers — our goal is to educate as well as train, which is the only way to achieve permanent changes in our clients’ lives. When you learn how to eat right, and how to workout right, within a few months you’ll see dramatic changes. Once that happens, you’ll be able to live a consistent fitness lifestyle, and your journey without us begins. We look forward to our clients “flying the nest” and we love watching them continue their progress on their own.

Our non-intimidating fitness studio in Clayton Heights

Our facility has it all — everything you need to get fit, strong, and healthy, and there’s never more than a few clients there at once. If you like to workout in private, our gym is for you! Come by a free consultation to check it out yourself.

paul-gWeight-loss that really works

We’ve helped transform the bodies of hundreds of clients, and in that time we’ve learned how to do it well. Our goal isn’t to just make you lose weight, it’s to help you get back to a youthful physical condition — to turn back the clock on your life, and teach you how to maintain it indefinitely.

Learn the proper ways to workout

SmartFit is actually like “fitness rehab” where you go for a few months, learn the nitty gritty about nutrition, as well as proper workout procedure and technique. Once this knowledge is imbued in you, you become a fitness pro yourself. All our clients are comfortable leaving us capable of working out entirely on their own. In fact, we encourage it: it’s a main tenet of our approach.

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