Success Story: Shannon & Marc

thumb_Marc_SmartFit_102430 Pounds in 2 Months?!

Shannon and Marc came to us back in the middle of November looking for help getting fit, losing weight, and feeling healthy. Soon after, they started working with our trainer Erik.

I had a chance to chat with Shannon and Marc about a month into their time with us, and found that they have continually been doing exceptionally well.

They were gracious enough to answer a few questions for me about our program and their time with us so far.

How have you enjoyed the workouts?

Shannon: For someone who used to dread working out and never thought I would actually enjoy working out, I am amazed! I am really enjoying every work out, even the squats! I was so used to treadmills, stair steppers, and bikes that I had no clue there was another way to work out. [I was] spending hours at the gym with no real results. Erik is so patient, informative, and helpful with me. Every day that we meet with Erik, I learn something new about working out, food choices, and fitness. I look forward to every session.

Marc: I used to go to the gym quite religiously for 10 years straight, doing heavy lifts and one rep max, then I just got busy and tired. I’m 46 now and I haven’t worked out much at all. I’m really enjoying the workouts with Erik, they’re short and intense and I don’t have to think. Plus, I feel good after each workout.

Is this style of eating different than you’ve done before?

Shannon: Completely different! Over the past 14 years I have tried many “fad diets”. You name it, I’ve tried it. If it has a book or DVD, I have read it or watched it, [and] to no avail. The meal plan that I was introduced to by you is something totally new to me. Its completely different than any other eating plan I have tried. I was so used to measuring, weighing, and prepping that I would just give up.

Marc: I’ve never done this type of diet at all, and I wasn’t used to it, so the first week was hard. Now it’s second nature, and it helps that I’m seeing results.

How did you find the first few days of transitioning to this diet to be?

Shannon: Not going to sugar coat. The first few days were hard, but I had the willingness to try something new. I was just tired of being overweight, depressed, and tired. My old habits of eating when not hungry were hard to break. I am amazed at what the body can do and how it reacts to the food we eat. My energy levels have changed dramatically, I just feel better all around, and its only the beginning.

Marc: The first week was hard, especially not snacking between meals. I find that the meal tracking sheet helps a lot; it keeps us accountable.

What is your favourite part of the SmartFit Program?

Shannon: The support is on top of my list. Walking into the gym three times a week and having the support of the whole SmartFit team.

Marc: I just like the small gym and the casual atmosphere. Everyone is very helpful. I also think that Shannon & I having our sessions together makes our workout fun; we have a great time.

How long do you plan to stay for?

Shannon: At least a year.

Marc: We’ve signed up for 6 months but we definitely will be there for a year.

What were your goals at the beginning?

Shannon: I have always wanted to get that “before kids body” or “the body I had in my younger years”. I really didn’t believe it was possible to achieve, at this age or this stage of my life. It was not too long after joining SmartFit that my confidence grew as my inches and pounds started to disappear. I now see that with the guidance and training from Erik and Travis, the sky is the limit!

Marc: I would like to lose the weight around my waist and to become more toned so I can wear speedos!

How quickly did you start to see results?

Shannon: The first few days! Fast and furious. After adjusting to the eating plan and working out three times per week, the results were almost instant.

Marc: I noticed results in the first week and started to lose inches around the waist.

Congratulations on all of your ongoing success, Shannon and Marc! 

Shannon had lost 12lbs in 5 weeks before being unable to join us at the gym due to an ongoing medical condition. We wish her all the best for a speedy recovery and can’t wait until she’s back with us!