The culture of SmartFit? ??

So I’ve been working with this company, they help mentor me to turn my business from a fitness gym into a high level health coaching business.

Health is a weird new industry. People haven’t ever needed “personal trainers” or “nutritionists” until the last few decades. The world has changed, health isn’t something that people naturally have anymore. The biggest causes of death are new weird lifestyle related diseases, and they are devastating. Society is reeling from the obesity epidemic, and it affects so many areas of a person’s life.

And it’s a VERY complicated problem.

First a bit of backstory…

When I first started in this business, it seemed straight forward: clients wants X weight loss goal. Put plan into place and client works towards goal.

Then interesting things happened. Client gets to the goal, is happy, moves on to training themselves or stops completely. So far so good.

But then the tough part would happen: I’d often see them again 8 months later and they’d be back at rock bottom. I would have a tough time with it.

“Did I teach them enough? Didn’t they have a new lifestyle?”

It happened ALL the time.

I would think to myself, “what’s the point of this service if it’s not permanent?”

It’s like a little 6 month vacation where the client feels a momentary high, then right back to their standard lifestyle situation.

I don’t want to be a business that’s a momentary high. I want to fundamentally rehabilitate clients health so they never feel that way again.

Overtime I’ve been battling with this problem trying to figure out how to solve “permanent lifestyle change”

Turns out other studios/gyms have been thinking the same. This is how I found this mentorship firm. It turns out it’s very complicated to solve this “permanent change” problem.

One of the exercises they wanted me to do was extract the fundamental values of my coaching style out of me. I had to analyze how I act with the clients who have really succeeded, to find out the values that underpinned why they were so successful.

If I’m to have all my members achieve this huge permanent change goal, they will have to emulate these values to some degree. If I’m to have any trainers coach other clients to this goal, they also have to emulate and promote these values.

Over the next while I’m going to explain these values in detail, and hopefully show you an example of a client for each example; someone who has exhibited that specific value and how it got them to their goals.

These aren’t fancy concepts, once I explain them you’ll realize they are core concepts that underpin any successful endeavour. If they are embodied by many members, it will develop into a culture that follows these values, which will spread to new members and ensure that members have the best shot at “permanent lifestyle change.”

So take a read through, I’ll be explaining them in much more detail over the next few weeks!

Do these values resonate with you? Are you looking to improve your lifestyle and fitness?

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