Weight Loss in Surrey

Have you been thinking of getting started with a weight loss program but not sure where to start? Look no further than our private facility in Fleetwood. SmartFit specializes in weight loss and has been helping 100s of clients over the last 5 years. Client by client, we design and implement custom nutrition and lifestyle solutions that get to the source of your weight loss issues.

Weight loss can be difficult in the start, and hard to maintain without the help of a personal trainer. Most of our clients are beginners with working out and dieting, and we help guide them every step of the way.


Exclusive Weight Loss App

The toughest part about helping clients with weight loss is assisting them outside of the session. We’ve solved this problem by creating our own custom app that can deliver nutrition plans, workouts, and the ability to send pictures of the food you’re eating, so our trainers can easily guide and manage your habits and progress outside of the gym. Weight loss requires an all encompassing approach, and our app makes it easy to deliver everything you need to succeed.

Our Private Facility

SmartFit is a private health studio that is by appointment only. There will only ever be a small number of clients training during the same time as you. All sessions are with your personal trainer, and you can expect the session to be high intensity and motivational from start to finish. We have the exact equipment needed to give you the best results by the end of your transformation. You’ll always feel warm and welcome at our studio, and have all the privacy you need to transform in comfort.

If you’d like to learn more, please book a free consultation or call us at 604-229-6100 today to learn more.