The best form of cardio

There’s a fun and effective form of cardio?

You want to melt away the fat in the fastest way possible?

Okay you’re going to need to do a specific type of cardio. It’s the only type that focuses directly on body fat for fuel.

But it’s not what you’re thinking.

You’re probably stuck in the belief that burning fat is done with super intense cardio sessions…right?


Super intense cardio can actually burn muscle. This is why “bootcamps” and fast paced exercise classes aren’t effective.

If you want to look “skinny fat”, then constantly send your heart rate through the roof.

If you want to look lean and toned?

Walk daily.

What? Walking?! Are you serious?

Yes I’m serious!

Here’s a biology lesson for you: at a high heart rate, you burn sugar and muscle. At a low heart rate, you burn fat.

When you walk, you kick up the pace slightly and burn more directly from fat stores.

And since walking is “appetite neutral” — you won’t go home and pig out on food.

Become a daily walker.

All the healthiest people throughout history have always been walkers.

Don’t start aggressively. Start small.

Do a 15 minute walk today. Wait, just a 10 minute walk is good. Put your earphones in and mentally wash the day away or start it off on a positive note.

Build up to 20 minutes, 30 minutes, and eventually an hour.

When it comes to health, always start small. Nothing that lasts in nature comes from abrupt change. What actually lasts the longest comes from very small gradual changes.

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– Travis